Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Coming Clean

This is an old story from my People Magazine Days... Has been re-edited and changed a little... But is essentially the truth... As is everything I write.

Not so long ago I did something on a job that I've never, ever done at work before. In fact, it's not even something I really like to do all that often in my personal life either and I have to admit, when the receptionist told me about it, I was a bit taken aback.

“He wants me to do what?” I tried to keep the shock out of my voice

“He wants you to clean,” she said, stifling a laugh.

“Like actual scrubbing and stuff?”

“Yes,” she said, not hiding her mirth any more. “In the nude.”

When I got to his house he led me into the bathroom. It was a huge room with a spa, a two-person shower and even a bidet. Everything was white and sparkling. The taps and knobs were gleaming gold and the fluffy white towels and bath mat looked like they'd never soaked up a drop of water in their entire lives. On the bench top was a spray bottle full of water, some sponges and a pair of yellow rubber gloves that I could tell were going to be too big.

He sat on the edge of the spa as I got naked. Slipping off my dress sexily and stepping out of my underwear. He didn't seem to be that interested at all, until I started to pull on the gloves.

Because they were so big, I kept getting my fingers all mixed up in the floppy, rubber hands and, as I twisted and pulled and tried to get them on, I noticed him beginning to watch me intently, his cock growing harder with every pull and wriggle.

When I finally got them sorted (and by sorted I mean each finger in each finger-hole. They still looked over-sized and ridiculous) he breathlessly passed me the spray bottle and sponge.

“Can you do the shower first?”

I stepped into the cubicle and sprayed the glass around me, wiping the sponge over the glass and watching him through it. He was really enjoying it, sitting forwards, his eyes on not on me but on the sponge against the glass, his hand gently stroking himself.

I reached up to get the top of the screen and he gripped himself a little harder.

“Yeah,” he said. “Do the top. Get it sparkling”

I had to hold on with one hand and kind of lean my body up against the glass to balance myself. It was cold against my nipples as I stretched up and across cleaning along the top. I figured he would be enjoying the show of breasts moving against the glass but no. His eyes were still on my hand, wiping the sponge back and forth across the glass.

“Mmmm, yes,” he murmured between little grunts and sighs. “That looks fantastically clean. Really sparkling. Now come and do the spa.”

I went over and sprayed inside the tub, wiping my sponge slowly along the bottom. It really was a huge spa and reaching over to the other side was almost impossible so I got in, on my hands and knees, my arse to him.

As I scrubbed back and forth I rocked my body with the motion, moving like I was being fucked from behind by an invisible person. I'm always told what a great arse I have and what a fantastic view it is so I thought I'd give him something to enjoy.

He didn't. “Could you turn around a bit so I can see what your hands are doing?” He asked.

I obliged by turning around and wiping the sponge against the tiled wall next to him.

“Yes, yes. So clean. So very very clean.” Was all he would say. Over and over, tugging at himself and intently watching my hands. As he pumped harder and his breath got shorter he started to speak in short staccato sentences.

“Spray it,” he breathed.

I sprayed the wall with the water bottle.

“Yes. Yes,” he said. “Now wipe it. Wipe it clean.”

I wiped my sponge against the tiles.

“So clean,” he murmured. “So very very very clean...” The last word was like a drawn out moan as he came with a splurt onto his belly and hands.

You know, I've never really been all that good at cleaning but, considering the tip he gave me, and the fact he asked me to come back the following week to do the vacuuming, I guess I can't be all that bad. And I suppose it'll do me good to get some practice in if I ever decide to do it for real at my own house.

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