Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fetish Fascination

Some of my favourite Sophie columns for People Mag were the "Sophie's Choice" ones where I got to research and list all sorts of fun things from my favourite sexual positions, to the best sorts of vibes to buy, to which silver screen hookers were my favourites...
This is one I wrote on some of the more left-of-centre or more interesting fetishes I've come across or heard about... 
It's short and sweet and I hope you like it.

(PS I do have many more in-depth articles and pieces on fetish. This is just a basic look, so please don't jump down my throat for being "surface" based. I am very aware fetish is a much more complex thing than just "liking something cos it feels good"... Thanks and carry on!)


I have a real thing about fetishes. I don't particularly have any myself (unless you include my fascination with other people's) but I come across them all the time through work and they really do intrigue me.
The most common ones would probably be the foot and shoe fetishes but over the years I've seen and heard of some pretty funky and interesting ones. Here are a list of some that have really stuck with me, if not just cos of their different-ness


1. Plushophilia

Also known as “Furries” these are people who get turned on by soft toys and people dressed in furry character costumes. As much as it might seem like it, this fetish has nothing to do with children or under age sex at all. It's usually all about the softness of the toys and the feel of the fur on their skin.


2. Hybristophilia

You hear about it all the time. Some random girl sends letters to and falls in love with a psychopath in prison. This whole fetish is about being aroused by criminals, and usually pretty nasty ones at that. I dunno. It certainly explains my strange crush on Chopper Read.


3. Macrophilia

This is something I actually once saw on a Jerry Springer show. People who get totally aroused by fat people. I'm not talking girls with curves, I mean really, really fat people. Some of these Macrophiles were literally force feeding their partners to this obese extreme size to satisfy this desire. I've gotta say, it was one of the more gross ones I've come across.


4. Sitophilia

This one goes really well with Macrophilia. It's when you get sexual arousal from food. Eating food, smelling food, being covered in food. It doesn't matter how, what or where, there just has to be food around and the party can begin.


5. Frotteurism

I reckon peak hour trains are full of these people. That's when you get excited and aroused from rubbing up against a complete stranger without their consent. It's a bit gross and it's also illegal but it's also kinda hard to pick when your wedged like a sardine into a hot overcrowded carriage.


6. Aquaphilia

Forget sex in the shower... When you're an Aquaphiliac sex is the shower. Being in and around and touched by water is what gets these fetishists off. I once had a job where the guy just wanted to pour water over my back. It was fun in a no sex kind of way.


7. Phalloorchoalgolagnia

A lot of you blokes will cringe at this one cos it's about sexual excitement derived from receiving a good ol kick in the nuts, or pain to the genitals. I think I know where the "Oorch" bit comes from... Surely that's the sound they make!


8. Toonophilia

Yes we all think Jessica Rabbit is hot, and some of those Manga girls, with their big eyes and long legs, are totally sexy too, but if you can't get into sex without thinking about cartoon characters or you get wood whenever you see woody woodpecker, then you're a toonophile.


9. Agalmatophilia

Remember the movie Mannequin? Well that guy kinda had this. It's being in love with, and sexually aroused by, mannequins, models and sculptures. It's pretty much harmless unless, of course, you decide to act upon in in the middle of Myers or the Gallery's sculpture garden.


10. Maiesiophilia

Love the shape of a pregnant woman? Get a bit tingly thinking about her round belly and swollen breasts? Then this is the fetish for you. Whereas a lot of pregnant women end up feeling big and fat and totally uncomfortable during the last stages of pregnancy, Maiesophiles find this to be highly arousing and completely horny.

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