Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Taste The Passion!

I am a pretty passionate person. I like to get fired up about all sorts of things. Good, bad, everything.
Like, I get fired up and angry every time I see a dumb article or Facebook post that perpetuates hate or bigotry. Anti asylum-seeker stuff. Dumb fake “news” about Christmas being banned and how much we should all hate Muslim people. People who use false and proven wrong claims about autism and mercury poisoning to endanger their kids (and others) by not immunising... These things get my blood boiling and make me want to kick faces.
On the other side there are the things that get me passionate and fired up that are positive things. For example, if I am reading a good book I want, nay need, everyone to know how amazingly brilliant and clever and exciting it is. I talk about the characters as if they were friends and I feel a sense of loss or sadness if something happens to them in the story or when it ends. When I meet people I connect with or admire I become like their cheer squad. “Person, person Rah Rah Rah!! Yaaaayyyy PERSON!!” (without being too clingy or annoying... No really). Extreme sports stunts, crazy magic tricks, amazing live acts. These things get me excited and passionate.

And then there are the things I get passionate and fired up about that are just plain silly. That people look at me and go “Is she serious??”
Sad thing is... I usually am.
One of these things, which I just cannot get out of my brain, is the new Skittles ad.
I know right.
Bear with me.

For those who haven't seen it... This is the ad

I love this ad. I love it so much I want to marry it. It's funny. It's weird. It's just... Well... What we have come to expect from Skittles... But it frustrates me. It frustrates me to the point of irritating everyone around me when the ad comes on.
I mean, yes, it's great... But (and here comes the dumb) I cannot help but wonder about the rest of this guy's world outside the confines of the 45 seconds we see.
Okay, wonder is not the right word... I obsess over it.
I mean everything he touches turns to Skittles. He laments over not being able to hold his newborn child... But how did he ever have sex in the first place to become a father? How does he scratch his nose or go to the toilet and wipe his arse?
HOW WAS HE EVEN BORN???? Did his mother explode into skittles and he kind of appeared in her place? Do the Skittles he creates become even more Skittles when he touches them? How did he even get a job where his sole purpose seems to be answering a phone and using a computer in what looks like a library where books are read... BY HAND??
Also, he isn't a young guy. Did this affliction come later on in life? Why isn't he in a protective cell? Why isn't he being punished for effectively murdering a dude on his way to work that morning on the bus. HOW DID HE USE HIS MYKI!!!! These are the big questions, people. There is just no sense or reason outside the ad and I cannot deal with it! This is what keeps me up at night.
Yes. I am a bit crazy... But hey. I'm cute and funny... So I think I can get away with it. Skittles anyone?


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